Ten Steps to Getting Your iPad Tablet App Featured On iTunes New and Noteworthy List

Millions of iPads have been sold during the last two and half years, and thousands of developers have been trying their hands at iPad web development and iPad app development. As a consequence, there is a lot of competition on Apple app store. While iPad users are buying and downloading record number of iPad apps from the iTunes store, there is no sure shot way of succeeding on the store.

However, getting your iPad tablet application on iTunes ‘New and Noteworthy’ list will help you get into the limelight for a while. More likely than not, it will help you sell an insanely large number of apps. But it’s difficult to win the race against thousands of other apps that also covet a place on the same list. Although nothing can guarantee you a place on iTunes ‘New and Noteworthy’ list, taking the following steps will substantially increase the chances of iPad tablet app making it to the list.

10. Build an Amazing App :

Sorry, this is one step you cannot avoid. Unless you build an app that is extremely useful, or wondrously entertaining, or technically impressive, there isn’t much chance of your getting featured on that list. Your app has to offer something special.

9. Plan your App Launch :

Let iPad tablet users know that you are coming. Start planning at least 3 months prior to the launch to ensure that you’ve got it all figured out by the time you are ready to launch your app. Tell people about what you are building, and try to get tech journalists interested.

8. Beta Test Well Before Submission :

Get a group of regular iPad users to beta test your app. If your app doesn’t pass the approval and submission process smoothly, the chances of its getting on that list may get reduce.

7. Pre-launch Party :

Host a party. Invite all your employees and their families; invite journalists and people who run tech blogs. Have fun. Let everyone know about your upcoming apps; if possible use the theme of your app to decorate the party. Create a buzz. Force people to take notice.

6. Launch the App at the Right Time :

Choose the right day for the app launch. Apple lets you control the day and time of the launch once your app is approved. This is the best part of developing an app for the iPad tablet. Conduct some research, and release your app at the best possible time. In case your app is related to a particular event or occasion, make sure to get the timing right.

5. Download, Check for Bugs, Review, Rate :

Once your app is live, tell all your employees and friends to download your iPad tablet application. Tell them to check how it works, and ask them to rate it well. The first day response to your app plays an important role in your journey towards the ‘New and Noteworthy’ list.

4. Spread the News :

Use your social media sites to announce the launch. Tell people to take a look at your app and review it. Tell them to tell more people about it, using article directories and press release sites to spread the word.

3. Get Reviews :

Collect favorable reviews from your contacts. Look for random reviews on different sites that make it their business to review iPad apps. Armed with these reviews, contact the most important tech journalists and request them to consider reviewing your app. If you go to the big players directly, they may not be much interested in your app.

2. Seek Written Reviews :

The opinion of big tech blogs and websites matters a lot. Once you’ve told them about your iPad app, they will be slightly interested. Follow-up the next day and let them know that you’re ready to provide them with any information they may need to review your app for their magazine or blog. Just do it in a non-aggressive and polite way.

1. Pay Attention to Genuine Reviews :

Read reviews about your app on the App Store, and read reviews by top tech journalists. Take joy in any positive things they say, and quickly focus on any negative aspects of your app that are bothering a sizable number of users. If it needs fixing, fix it quickly.

There is no guarantee that following these steps will place your iPad tablet application on the iTunes New and Newsworthy’ list, but this is the best you can do. Once you’ve done all these things, you’ve done all you can. Sit back, relax and hope that fortune favors you.

There are many areas where you can develop iPad tablet application. Chances of popularity are more if you build software that is useful for the wider audience. Likewise, applications that help others in managing day-to-day life or educating them are likely to become popular too. For this, you may do a bit market survey and build customized iPad app.

Charlotte, NC – Fall Colors
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Image by etherealist
Creative Loafing has a new blog coming. Mine!
Wayfaring Tech Nomad will be about three things: Travel, tech and, occasionally, the intersection of the two.

In April 2012, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to go on a trip to Doha, Qatar and bring everyone along with me. Now, I’m off to Explore the world some more! The experience will be the same: a look at the world through a Charlottean’s eyes. While I’m not traveling, and sometimes when I am, I’ll be keeping everyone up to date on the cool happenings with the tech scene, especially as it pertains to our beautiful city.
Speaking of, expect neat things, which is what I’m shooting in the above video, and other little vignettes from all kinds of cool places all over the world.
So, welcome to the adventure!
Follow me on Twitter: @dbirdy.
Click here to read Wayfaring Tech Nomad adventures on Creative Loafing Charlotte!

Dojo Picks: Top 5 Tech-Blogs

Adrian/Kidguru’s top 5 tech-blog picks for the DigitalDojos

What are yours? Feel free to respond or leave comments below….

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Importance of IT & Tech Blogs in today’s innovation world

For many years, technology has induced new innovations and gadgets to make our lives easier. It has changed the way people think and today it offers almost every other equipment with low cost and utmost usage. Today the vast usage of technology can be understood by going through the IT blog or Tech blog.

Whenever a new innovation happens in the Technology and IT field, the first and the foremost challenge it faces is to bring the innovation to the market and spread the reach in its area of implementation. The other challenge is to create the popularity and create the awareness of its features. Though the tasks are really hard but one thing which can help to win the situation is by using the best measures which one can attain by marketing the products and when it comes to marketing, no one can deny the fact that the ‘Tech Blog’ or ‘IT Blog’ are the best measures.

The blogs can help in delivering the message to the right person whenever and wherever required and acts as a resource providing glimpse of what this new phenomenon can do. The decent blog provides the space for the new phenomenon to achieve the full potential and something worthy. Generally the blog defines and delivers rich media content on various platforms. The opportunities that the blogs can offer are in-measurable and the most exciting part is that it reaches the largest audience in no-time.

The main focus for a blogger here must be to market the service through blog in such a way that it interests the readers and they may even plan to go for it. You must understand one thing that not every blog can involve hawking products and services, so this is totally up to you how you mix the information’s with the services as at the end of the day you would be involved in direct or indirect selling. Try involved a group of followers to get the reader support and establish contribution to site’s success. In short, the main work of the Tech and IT blogger remains in mixing the marketing material inserted in blog with the message it wants to convey through the blog.

When we talk about IT Blog and Tech Blog, one thing that comes to mind instantly is SheBytes, an “IT” blog platform on the latest technology trends and usage giving the push for any technology product and its features. SheBytes, edited by Renee Schmidt, connects the message that the new technology has to pass to the masses.

Thus there is no second thought that for an IT technology product, the best way to increase the visibility and sales is by creating some interesting blogs and what matters here is how you orchestrate the blogs campaign to deliver the best to the audience. This is where SheBytes can help by simplifying the marketing process by creating the awareness of the products and its features. SheBytes provides perspective on what actually happens and strengthen the reader’s involvement. For more info:://www.shebytes.com

when it comes to marketing, no one can deny the fact that the ‘Tech Blog’ or ‘IT Blog‘ are the best measures.
When we talk about IT Blog and Tech Blog, one thing that comes to mind instantly is SheBytes.

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The Significance of Technology and Tech News In Our Lives

It can be said that the 21st century is an era of major technological advancements. Can you imagine living your life without technology? From the young to the young at heart, technology is very much in demand. Whether it is as simple as switching on the light in your room, or traveling from one place to another, technology is being used. People everywhere on the globe are using technology for their comfort and convenience. Aside from the comfort factor, one cannot simply disregard the fact that technology has played a major role in improving our daily lives.

As technology pervades every aspect of our lives, life is made better and easier. Nowadays, we can travel much faster, send messages globally without problems through emails, treat diseases which appear to be incurable some decades back and do more. Students utilize technology to access the latest information, business owners use it to boost profits and sales; hence, this is the real of technological advancements and we cannot deny that we are all benefited by it.

In this time and age, we rely so much on technology, so it is important that we stay up to date on the latest news and technology updates to better put it to good use. For example, if you are an internet user and you have not updated yourself with the latest tech news, it simply means you are missing out on technology and you fail miserably to take 100% full advantage of technology.

However, you might ask, how do I get these latest tech news?
A lot of online websites and blogs have been doing a lot to ensure their audiences and avid readers are kept up to date with the latest trends and news on technology as it happens on a daily basis. The most popular emerging technologies are blogged about on tech blogs, and almost every tech information is currently available on the World Wide Web. All you have to do is research for the right information that you need.

Ever wonder why you don’t often understand that famous website tech news people are talking about? Well, because it is written in very technical and complex language that ordinary people would leave the instant they skim through technical and hard to digest content.

Does it mean that tech news is not for you? I beg to disagree! Tech news is for all people, of all walks of life, and should even be made available to ordinary people like you and I.

Tech news is for everyone. We only just have to find the right tech blog for our consumption.
You will come across several websites doing a great job of offering you the latest tech news in a simple and easily understandable format.

A good tech site packed with all the tech news and updates in the friendliest manner that even a non-techie person will surely understand.

So, what are you waiting for? Keep abreast with the latest tech news and updates now!

Owen Kingsley has written a number of reports on technology news and world news today. He is also working as a writer for UK Latest Technology and News, the leading tech news blog in the UK today.

Road to Val d’Orcia – Explore #2
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Image by tommyscapes
Near the town of San Quirico d’Orcia in the region and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Val d’Orcia in Tuscany, Italy.

Wow, many thanks for all the favourites and comments and getting this to Explore #2! (Highest position) Hugely appreciated 😀 😀

More tech info on how I made this shot on my blog post.

This is a list of Top 10 Tech blogs that are worth checking out AND totally awesome.

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Most Common Modes of Epson Printer Support Services

Seiko Epson Corporation, also known as Epson, was founded way back in the year 1942. The company started its journey as a manufacturer of watches but with time it introduced many other products that have been giving a good competition to many other corporations even till now. It is currently headquartered in Suwa, Nagano, Japan and has several subsidiaries worldwide.

The company manufactures a range of printers, PCs, scanners, desktop computers, home appliances, robots and industrial automation equipment, laptops as well as many other electronics. Its printers are highly recommended for heavy work jobs by the big enterprises. The company also provides Epson Printer Support service to those users who need assistance for their devices. All the services by the company are free of cost till the product is under warranty, but after its expiration all of them need to be paid for. This fee might be quite expensive, which may lead people to start searching for other source for assistance.

There are several companies available in the industry, which offer Epson Printer Support just like official one. These independent entities charge a nominal fee for their assistive services but user has to pay for them after successful resolution of their problem. They have teams of skilled people who are well-trained with many computer devices and have been providing such services from years. Their tech experts can understand most of issues that could occur with a printer device and thus can resolve them with little hassle.

If all of these modes of assistance do not work for you, you can also call your nearby technician who will come at your place and check your device physically. This option is quite expensive but you would surely get a satisfactory resolution from him. This mode of Epson Printer Support is most preferred by those users who are not really comfortable with on-call assistance or whose device is struggling with some hardware issue. It is recommended that search before you opt for any of above options so that you would get more satisfactory results.

Apart from this you can also go for some free options that are available online in the form of blogs and forums. Blogs are written forms of articles that could include many printers’ problems with their resolutions. These are written by many experienced users as well as expert technicians from leading tech support companies. You can also put your query over the comment section of blogs, and maybe some user who faced the similar issue in past would answer your query. Forums are a platform of discussion where many users share their problem as well as discuss about the resolutions. Read through and find the most matching resolution according to your need.
It is recommended that if your problem is in the initial stage, always obtain official services and if those do not work out for you then only switch to other available options. If you need instant and reliable resolution, go for on-call assistive services and have your issue resolved within a matter of time and with little hassle.

The author has been working with a leading Epson Printer Help firm since many years and also regularly writes articles about ways of dealing with different printer woes. He also holds expertise with Epson Support services owing to his own expertise in its printers.

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strange mail recieve at ymail

blog link:

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Defining Direction For Your Blog

If you are about to start a new blog it is important to spend some up front figuring out what your goals are as that will guide every aspect of how you run your blog. One person running a business blog is likely to do things very differently from somebody writing a political blog for example.

It doesn’t matter if you are starting a new blog from scratch or if you already have one; it’s always a good idea to think about your blog direction periodically.

Develop a Profile Of Your Target Audience

Think about who your target audience is for your blog. Are they male / female? What is their income? Are they married? Have children? Are they tech-savvy?

A young tech-savvy male is far more likely to Digg your posts than a mom who doesn’t even know what RSS is for instance. Your audience will respond differently to monetization also. The same tech-savvy male is much less likely to click an ad than the mom.

Is your target audience somebody who is likely to carefully read through your posts in detail trying to glean as much information as possible (older crowd for instance) or are they a “give-it-to-me-quick” kind of person? These factors will affect your content and writing style. The former may respond well to in-depth how-to posts whereas the latter will likely prefer quick, easily-scannable lists.

Map Out Your Blog Monetization

If you intend to generate a revenue from your blog you need to be thinking about how to monetize it from the start. For example, a popular method is to sell private advertising space but you can’t do that if the design of your blog does not have prominent ad spots so this is something you need to think about before settling on a design or blog theme.

If you are promoting something that is already in existence such as your services, or an existing business then you will want to make sure that you prominently work your promotional content into your blog seamlessly.

Another popular strategy that bloggers use is to place contextual ads such as AdSense. Even this requires some thought – should you place them straight away or wait until you have more traffic?

My take on that subject is that if you intend to blog for money then you should start placing those ads right from the start. This goves you a chance to experiment with them while your traffic is still low and what also happens is that your readers come to expect to see ads so they don’t resist them. Putting ads on later on can be met with some hostility from regular readers who object to you suddenly trying to make money!

Another benefit to placing ads straight away is that the audience that you build will often contain your future advertisers but they won’t think to advertise with you if you’re not in the habit of having ads on your blog. Start as you mean to go on!

Think About Your Brand

One very important thing about branding is that it is very difficult to change later on. Right from the start think about what image you are trying to project. Are you promoting yourself as a person in your blog or are you promoting your blog name as a brand within itself (think Lifehacker, TechCrunch, BoingBoing)? If you are promoting yourself then think about graphics – do you have a standard avatar for yourself that you can use? Make sure you do because when you get social media right that avatar gets *everywhere*!

Moving In A New Direction With An Existing Blog?

Sometimes people start blogs and only some months later when they have been writing it for a while do they really figure out the direction they want to go with it. If you already have a blog then take some time to think about the above factors in relation to your existing blog and determine whether or not you need to chance direction in any area.

Don’t be afraid to change something. It is better to gradually implement changes to shift into a new direction than to blindly continue in a direction that is no longer working for you.

Caroline Middlebrook has been blogging about Internet marketing since 2007 and her popular blog generates a 4-figure income each month. She teaches you how blogs make money and has downloads of her free ebooks, guides & courses from her website.

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Image by TevaD
Amarok playing and displaying the Context Tab (bottom half)

Top Veterinary Websites and Blogs

There are countless veterinary websites and blogs for a variety of individuals’ needs. There are resources for veterinarians, veterinary students, pet owners and researchers. There are personal blogs and professional blogs written by vets, students and animal lovers. Whether you need to find a veterinarian, learn more about how to care for your pet, learn more about becoming a veterinarian, find information to study for veterinary school exams, locate a professional veterinary association or start your own veterinarian website, there are online resources to help you do so.

For veterinarians and other veterinary professionals, there are a number of online resources. The American Veterinary Association website is probably the most prominent of these, especially if you are looking for education and career resources. Sites such as Vet.com also have a number of resources for students, as well as for pre-veterinary students who are looking for the right school. Pet owners have a number of online resources too, such as AAHA Healthy Pet and WeForAnimals.com. There are also general resources for veterinarians, students and pet owners. NetVet.edu is one such resource, which contains a medical section, virtual library, article database and tips for finding a veterinarian.

If you’re looking for some informative veterinary blogs to read, there is no shortage of those either. Pet MD is a very popular one for pet owners, as well as Janet’s Veterinary Medicine Blog and Vet Tech blog. For veterinarians, blogs like Dr. Nelson’s Veterinary Blog provide a glimpse into the life of a fellow practitioner, and for students, plenty of blogs such as Life of a Veterinary Student and The Highs and Lows of a Vet-in-the-Making are very helpful and informative.

If you’re looking for a specific type of veterinary blog all you have to do is perform an Internet search. There are so many veterinary websites and blogs that it would be impossible to list them all at once. Just know that the resources are out there, whether you are a veterinarian, a vet tech, a veterinary student or a pet owner looking for a veterinarian for your winged or four-legged friend.

VeterinarySchoolsu.com is one of best resource for those who are looking for start career in veterinary field. Here you will find detailed information about top veterinary schools in the united states and request for free information how to enroll in the best veterinary courses that are best for you.

Modern Princess Leia
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Image by Leoraul
From RAW to Post,
Leica X2 in Real Life.

More at between Tech & Art | Blog.

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Letting Your Inner Tech Blogger Out With Easy Steps

Blogging is the latest and greatest use of technology to enhance the online experience for your clients. Those who learn to blog effectively can reap the rewards of increased sales and well-informed clients who depend on them for their needs. Read on to learn some time-tested techniques for creating better blogs.

Make sure you use good images in your blog posts. This will increase the quality of your posts in general. Additionally, your blog will become more interesting for your reader. This is a powerful and simple way to increase the over all quality of your blog and to get more readership.

Try to make the most of your keywords. You should always try to stem your keywords into as many forms as possible. This means that you should include plural, singular, present and future forms of your keywords to ensure that when people search for the topic, they find your site.

Don’t forget that using search engine optimization is critical for bringing people to your blog. You will likely have readers that are referred to your page by their friends, articles, and other sites, but a good percentage of your readers will be dependent on the good graces of the search engines to find you.

When you are typing up your About Page, you should be very conscientiousness of what you say. You shouldn’t just type generic or stupid facts. Your About Page needs to inform your readers of the type of person that you are and the reason that they should stick with your blog.

Use fonts that are easy to read throughout the blog. While you may wish to use different fonts for the title, posts, and links on your site, all should be readable. Ensure that the size is not to small, and that the contrast to the background is sufficient to differentiate between it and the text.

While it is important not to use an extreme amount of graphics, you do want to include some images in your blog at least. How many you choose to use depends on the type of blog as well. While the text is the most important part of a blog, images help attract readers as well as elaborating on the meaning behind the blog.

Make sure that you have a blog mailing list started early. The sooner you get this started, the more time you will have to make that list larger. Once your blog is more established, this list will be used to bring in money, and you will be thankful that you already took care of this.

Don’t overuse links. Links within the text of your blog are an effective way to direct readers to other areas of your site that may pertain to the subject, however don’t abuse this technique. When every other word in your blog is a link, it can be very off-putting to readers. They are on the page to read that post, not every other page on your site.

Do not post a blog and move on. You need to interact with people who leave comments on your blog. When your readers know that they can have a conversation with you via your blog, you are more likely to keep them as active readers who follow what you are doing. If you post without commenting, eventually your readers will move on to greener pastures.

Make your blog valuable. You want your readers to gain something from your blog because this will keep them coming back. If they gained nothing after reading one of your articles, there will be no reason for them to visit again. Spend some time to develop content that will keeping people coming back for more.

When writing your blog posts, don’t overlook quality while striving for quantity. While it is important to post on a regular, reliable schedule, be careful not to churn out poor-quality posts just to fill up your blog. Instead, take the time to do a thorough, well thought-out job that you can be proud of!

Make sure you use good images in your blog posts. This will increase the quality of your posts in general. Additionally, your blog will become more interesting for your reader. This is a powerful and simple way to increase the over all quality of your blog and to get more readership.

At the end of each of your posts, create a list of links to your previous articles related to the same topic. This allows a reader to instantly find more information on your blog. The more people read and enjoy your posts, the more likely they are to return to your blog.

An easy thing to do, that will assist your readers review pertinent material in your blog, is to include bullet points. These not only aid the reader in scanning, but will also break up your entry into a more easy to read piece. Make your bullets bold to enhance the ease of use as well.

With all that you now understand about blogging and how it can help you, you should now have a strategy in mind for how you want to go about blogging in the future. Just take into consideration that it takes time to truly establish a blog with the level of success you hope to achieve.

Are you looking for ways to find a good gaming blog? Then you have to take a look at zygor guides review.

Do you want a good diablo guide? Then you can take a look at diablo 3 class guide now.

View from the Google Offices in Downtown Tokyo
tech blogs
Image by Stuck in Customs
It was a great event at Google that day and night! After my tech talk, we stayed up in their skyscraper till dark, drinking and eating and taking photos. Luckily, the office windows aim in directly the right direction out of the Roppongi Towers.

The windows were all crowded with photographers, and it was a great time. Between shots, I got the chance to talk to a lot of enthusiastic Japanese photographers. I even set up a future-photo-date with the great Takahiro-san… and he would take me to one of his secret bridge locations in Tokyo! That photo will be coming up soon…

– Trey Ratcliff

Click here to read the rest of this post at the Stuck in Customs blog.

AD:Tech The 10th Annual is Over. What Was In It For Main Street?

There were over 12,000 individuals from all over the place pre-registered for the conference. The hotel was packed like I haven’t seen it since 1999.

On the first floor of the Hilton on 6th Avenue there is a bar with a huge seating area of tables and curved couches. It doesn’t open until 5-6 in the evening, during the day people use it as a place to sit while they are waiting for something or just killing time. There are always 2-3 tables in use.

During Ad:Tech every seat was taken – attendees comparing notes and connecting with their contemporaries to discuss ideas they’d just picked up in one session or another or from a vendor in the exhibit hall. You could feel the buzz, the energy!

The press/speaker/blogs room had been relocated to a room three times larger than before – a dead giveaway that this was going to be special.

The event’s opening keynote featured the head of the organization Drew Ianni, Chairman, Programming, ad:tech expositions, laying out their blueprint for the future of Ad:Tech as it expands its presence worldwide.

As he illustrated their growth strategy he alluded to the “bad old days” of just a few years ago. I remember attending one of those events – when it had been moved from a gigantic space the previous year and combined with another organization in a much smaller location and the luncheon could still have been held in a Manhattan apartment.

That was on the back-end of the dot com bust and conventional wisdom seemed to give Ad:Tech one more year before it would become a small part of another industry organization. To see the slides describing the strides they’ve taken and the plans they have in place demonstrates that the original “big idea” has come full circle. That with Ad:Tech as with business and life in general it all comes down to execution of the mission.

The keynote was to be delivered by David Lubars, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, BBDO North America.

I had not taken the time to read any of the pre-conference materials or promotion so I had no idea who the keynote speaker would be.

When I got to my seat in the second row and saw the name and title on the huge screen I remembered why I always sit up front. It’s to keep me from leaving early. Sitting up front means you can’t sneak out. Common courtesy keeps me in my place. Invariably I pick up something so I continue the practice.

While Drew was telling us about David – that he had come from Fallon, Minneapolis “where he was responsible for some of most memorable and out-of-the-box advertising campaigns including Citibank’s ‘Identity Theft’ series and BMW Films” – I was looking along the row in front of me trying to figure out which one of the blue suited businessmen has was.

I was familiar with these campaigns, as a TV viewer, so I was interested to see the guy who came up with them but not sure how this would translate to regular people like us.

Drew said that David had come to BBDO and had been charged with bringing a new, progressive way of thinking to an advertising agency once dubbed the “old guard”. More interesting.

But still, how would it be possible that someone from this huge ad agency, with clients who spend more on a single campaign than our readers on Main Street generate in annual revenues, have something relevant for people like us?

When Drew introduced David, instead of the staid businessman in a dark blue suit and shiny shoes I was looking for – an energetic guy wearing Dockers, a tee shirt with a long sleeve shirt open down the front and Timberland shoes (I think I recognized the soles) ran up the steps to the stage. I thought he was a audio engineer there to attach the lapel mike to the staid businessman in the dark blue suit and shiny shoes.

Imagine my surprise. This was David Lubars, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, BBDO North America.

The stage was set up like a TV interview show. Instead of a speech this would be a conversation. What happened was quite interesting and enlightening to, I’m sure, everyone in the room. Each of David’s comments were little ah ha’s that just made sense. The only thing that threw some people was when he referred to himself as “not being a Darren Stevens type of advertising man.”

BTW: For those too young to remember Darren Stevens was the character played by Dick Sargent in the early 70’s sitcom, “Bewitched” Darren and his boss Larry Tate were the prototypical gray flannel suited advertising executives of the time. There are still many just like them – their tried and true tactics still work. However, it’s being able to see beyond what has worked in the past that make David successful and his ability to bring along their clients into the new world of strategic brand planning in a universe defined by short attention spans, massive media proliferation and where the consumer is increasingly in control.

Drew, using the Barbara Walter interview style, sat down with David “to discuss the new media landscape, the continued power of the television commercial as well as the new opportunities and threats that are emerging thanks, in part, to new digital technologies, platforms and creative tools.”

David’s comments were reveling. Instead of taking the advice of his friends, to move to LA and start his own interactive boutique agency he decided to join BBDO in NYC – providing us our first ah ha – that it’s not about the medium. It’s about the message and delivering it in the most logical way.

At BBDO he would be able to work with clients to develop their big idea and with creative people with experience in every medium to work out the most logical way to get that message to their target audience. For him it’s not about the technology or medium it’s about the message. The medium is just the vehicle.

I his words, “Does it matter whether you use email marketing, forums, bulletin boards, blogs, focus groups, TV ads, online videos, etc.? No. Which method(s) depends on your audience and how you can reach them the easiest.”

What impressed me, representing Main Street, was that he was not a zealot for a certain solution, especially requiring a huge budget. His comments focused rather on the importance of having a big idea.

Those of us who are not particularly creative must rely on those who are for help with the insights that flesh out the importance of the big idea and then craft the solution that will, hopefully, make it a household name.

But we’re skeptics – since most of these experts see theirs as the solution of choice, and are willing to massage our big picture until it becomes a big picture that their service is uniquely suited to provide. (I’ll be telling you about my experiences along this line, when I spent two days in the exhibit hall. But that’s another story)

According to David, “When you have the big idea and an open minded team to consider how to make that idea relevant, the method you use to get that message to the right people will just feel logical.”

Once example of the big idea being promoted in the right way was so obvious I almost laughed out loud. You see I had witnessed it first hand – like so many others, but because it seemed so natural I dismissed the creativity associated with it.

Last weekend we had friends visiting us from Arizona. We met them at their Times Square hotel and took them to dinner at one of our favorite Italian restaurants, Mezzogiorno, at the corner of Spring and Sullivan Streets in SOHO, one of the cool neighborhoods in NYC everyone has heard about.

The streets are narrow and always bumper to bumper as the cars creep between Broadway and 6th. Ave. The occasional doubledecker bus makes the journey as well, just barely fitting between the cars parked on both sides of the streets.

And there are always lots of people strolling along the sidewalks. It’s a combination thriving little mini neighborhood, landmarked historic district, and tourist destination all rolled into one.

One merchant, it’s pretty expensive to have your store there, came up with a novel idea for promoting their business during the 12-14 hours a day they are not open – but when people are still going by their front door.

So when David mentioned this advertising strategy as an example of the big idea (for that merchant), one that did not require a Fortune 500 budget, being delivered in a way that just made sense – ah ha. I had just witnessed it. An idea was so simple, so cheap and yet so effective.

You see in most if not all neighborhoods in the City when the stores and restaurants close the last person out pulls down these horribly ugly gray metal grates over the entire front of the place.

Over time people tape pieces of paper with their message on them, about a lost cat or an opportunity to lose weight, or attend an event of some sort – which, when removed, leave the corners of the papers under the tape, or someone with a magic marker or can of spray paint will leave their mark. The owners will typically do nothing, unless it is an objectionable message, assuming that this is the natural order of things.

What we saw as we strolled through the neighborhood with our out of town friends was a merchant who, instead of accepting the way things have always been, used the grate to create an effective “billboard” that cleverly introduces their store to everyone who passes by.

Instead of an unbroken string of gray metal grates that make every store, dry cleaner, restaurant, and shoe repair shop look alike – now in the middle of the block one stands out. As we walked along we saw people look and point to it, one tourist took a digital photo for the folks back home. The point, everyone noticed and some will remember it.

David’s message that it’s about the idea – the delivery method will emerge based on that – not the
other way round – was perfectly illustrated.

Whether you work for a company with seemingly unlimited resources or are like the rest of us, it’s about performance – ROI. It’s not about a particular branded solution.

It’s about delivering the right message in the right way to the right audience at the right time. A message that makes people want to go out right now and get one for themselves!

David’s responses to Drew’s well crafted questions – that seemed to have the wide range of the audience in mind, set the stage for the entire event. The question was, would each subsequent session build on that keynote or not? Yep, the keynote was the tipping point for the event.

There were over two dozen break-out sessions during the next 21/2 days and we did our best to cover them. The panels in each session were made up of marque companies like CNN, AOL, and Frito Lay as well as one person entrepreneurs and everything in between. As always there were actionable strategies from every quarter.

We’ll be offering observations from those break out sessions we were able to sit in on over the next week or so. Be sure to join the discussion. We’d love insights and observations from you. The RSS feed link is in the Meta area of the nav bar.

In addition we’re going to do something we’ve never attempted before.We’re going to contact a select number of exhibitors whose products and services seem to have relevant applications to regular companies, companies spending their own money and not shareholders money, when they develop marketing and advertising strategies.

It will be interesting to see who responds who doesn’t – whose services are for people like us and who are interested in telling us about them in a semi non-commercial sort of way.

Stay tuned, add your comments, subscribe to the blog feed – get your trade association to do so as well. You won’t want to miss what’s coming! I guarantee it.

Wayne Messick reports on how Main St. businesses can integrate technology to succeed in the 21st Century on http://www.FamilyBusinessStrategies.com/and his commentary for business coaches and advisors at http://www.wdm.net/blog

Trumpet Player
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Image by Eric Spiegel
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, Virginia

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The 11 Most Popular Types of Websites – 2014

1) PHPBB, IPB and Bulletin Forum

A phpbb forum is a type of community forum that lets users share “threads” or topics and comment on them. Another term used to described this category of web design is an “Internet Forum.” Internet Forums or message boards can sometimes have a chatroom or bulletin-style layout. These types of websites are very popular for product enthusiasts, product support and community discussion pages.

2) E-Commerce Stores

An e-commerce store or an electronic commerce store, is a type of online store that facilitates transactions between a business and a consumer. These stores are usually preprogrammed using content management system plugins such as WuCommerce or WePay. Most popular stores, such as Amazon, have their own preprogrammed e-commerce system. For most regular folks, WordPress Plugins or free cart software will work fine.

3) Portfolio Websites

In addition to photographers, many different types of artists need a website to illustrate their art. Popular online-portfolio solution such as PortfolioBox have become standard. However, most employers would like to see a custom coded template design.

4) Search Engine Websites

You have heard of Google right..? If you have not, I do not know where you have been for the last decade. The tech giant has become the poster boy of what a search engine should be. Search engines categorize content that is found on the world wide web and index it. Once a website user enters a search query, Google searches through its index and provides the most relevant results! All within a couple seconds!

5) Blogs and Online Diaries

You are reading one right now! Fitted Tech’s blog is what you would call a “How-To” blog. There are many different types of blog’s — In fact too many to count! Blogs such as WordPress or Joomla are software which help the author post content in a systematic way. Once blog posts are made, guests can view and comment on these posts. Blogs are different from typical websites because of their focus on the ‘newsletter’ feel and ability to comment with posts.

6) File Sharing Websites

I am sure you have heard of Mega-Upload and their drama. File sharing sites are online servers which allow users to upload files which are stored and linked so they are easy to share. You’re files are usually publicly accessible but can be password protected. File sharing sites have become very popular since recently it has become popular to charge customers a monthly subscription fee for uploads.

7) Business Websites or Brochure Websites

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8) Social Networking Sites

Facebook, Delicious, Twitter, Instagram, 4square and the previously known now extinct MySpace are all great examples of Social Networking Sites. If you want to get real old school, we’ll start pulling out xanga websites from your high school years! (Please no.) Social networking sites tend to have explosive results with traffic.

9) Web Mail Sites

Are you a G-Mail person or a mail.com person? Personally, Google has won my heart over too many times to count. Web-Mail sites are dynamic web pages which host user account systems that are connected to their mail servers. To be brief, Web Mail sites are really just an email client that has been implemeneted as a website application.

10) Dating Websites

I am not here to give you online dating advice or pickup lines. Ok maybe one, “We should take over Verizon because I don’t think they’ve ever had this kind of online connection!” (HA-HA!) Dating websites are simple dynamic web pages with user account systems that index user profiles. Dating websites are actually pretty similar to search engines (framework-wise) and provide results for your searches which are dependent on variables such as age, hair-color and preferences.

11) Media – Sharing Websites

Let me You-Tube that song! There we are. Recently, my favorite video sharing site Vimeo, has taken off and gained popularity! Media-sharing sites are dynamic web pages which utilize user account systems and they index user-posts of videos or images. Another great Image sharing website is Imgur! I am guilty of being a member of Reddit.

Conner A

Wormsloe, the Endless Forest of Savannah – 16,000 pixels wide!
tech blogs
Image by Stuck in Customs
My Biggest Photo Ever and Flickr can’t handle it
The TIFF of the photo below is 984 megs, and the JPG is 124 megs! It’s about 16,000 pixels across and very fun to zoom in on as you go down the lane. I dropped it to 12,000 pixels so I could upload, but, I feel a little short-changed!

You can see the Original Size below…

I wish Flickr would offer a premium subscription where I could post huge photos. I’d gladly pay 0 a year for a premium subscription that gets me all sorts of extra features, like big photos, high quality videos like my Vimeo sub, tier 1 tech support, and all sorts of other goodies.

Another Forest Photo, Hanging at HQ of Flickr Competitor

The fine people at Smugmug (see my port there at stuckincustoms.smugmug.com/) have chosen my Bamboo Forest photo to hang inside their headquarters in California. They are actually building a 60" lightbox behind it. I’ll see it in person in a few weeks when I go visit the crew there. I’m looking forward to it!

Daily Photo – Wormsloe, the Endless Forest of Savannah
My friend Scott Kublin (who made it to my Favorites page on my iPhone… he was at the bottom, but I just moved him up above the babysitter) lives in Savannah, so it was good to visit him on my little road trip. He commented that regular visitors to Stuck In Customs would probably like to see current shots while I am traveling around! So, here it is! However, this one took about 3-4 hours to edit, five cups of coffee, and several pieces of pie. Did you see my little "Buy Trey Chocolate For Energy" there in the right column? Yes, I burn through copious calories to create these things. This one almost broke my back, but I am very happy with it.

Some of you may remember this place from Forest Gump… A lot of it was shot down in Savannah. Besides Wormsloe, I also visited some amazingly moody cemeteries, draped in mossy trees. I’ll get to editing those photos another time… maybe when I get back home to Texas!

from Trey Ratcliff at www.stuckincustoms.com

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Solve the Gmail issues with the earliest tech support

Gmail being one of the banners is an efficient services presented .A number of grand corporations had given the best emailing services for years. But along with the affluent emailing services, one in the modern times is called a tech savvy individuality when he is equally aware of the Gmail support available .All these briefings about Gmail mail have been discussed at length in the respective article.

Worldwide followed the Gmail is kept at the user’s interface in three different versions. The primitive version 2007 had been revised and presented as 2010 version which absorbed some more revision and final 2013 version is the latest accepted Gmail apparel. It can be used either on the application basis or as a part of the office suite .Along with the emailing services, its other enchanting associative features like Calendar, Contact Manager, web browsing , journal , Task Manager, etc makes it a like able option amongs its contenders.

An Gmail service consumer is as well benefited in availing the Gmail tech support which actually is a self assistive mode where the clients have to follow the instructions to correct the arisen issues. The web forums are other medium to be concerned to calm oneself of the Gmail pressing problems. The corporation has also established the developer center where the help in available in the form of articles, blogs, videos, and other forums where the issues are rectified with the developers advice.
People are often confused upon encountering the emails related issues. It is reported that usually the crowd confront the email mistakes encoded as “invalid page fault” and “mail undelivered”. These errors include the technical insight of the experts if one is not frequent with the technical jargon on the direction page. Customers who are using the service afresh or the technical unfamiliar beings are more engulfed with the issue’s gravity. The technician can be called onsite by dialing the Gmail technical support number.

There are certain autonomous bodies which are keep delivering the supportive service 24*7 on the Gmail contact number. The technical team constitutes individuals with a good experience in the IT industry. These are functional in the market for years and people are utilizing the services on a regular basis. They very fluently affix problems on installation, Emailing defects, setting a free and an individual account on the ISP. The different financial packages attract different budget users to look up to them as their savior.

I am a content writer who writes content on Gmail support email ant their services provided by the third party tech support service providers. They have the group of well experienced engineers who will help you to protect your Gmail account from all technical issues. Contact Gmail Support for solving all types of Gmail account problems.

Charlotte, NC – French Quarter
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Image by etherealist
Creative Loafing has a new blog coming. Mine!
Wayfaring Tech Nomad will be about three things: Travel, tech and, occasionally, the intersection of the two.

In April 2012, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to go on a trip to Doha, Qatar and bring everyone along with me. Now, I’m off to Explore the world some more! The experience will be the same: a look at the world through a Charlottean’s eyes. While I’m not traveling, and sometimes when I am, I’ll be keeping everyone up to date on the cool happenings with the tech scene, especially as it pertains to our beautiful city.
Speaking of, expect neat things, which is what I’m shooting in the above video, and other little vignettes from all kinds of cool places all over the world.
So, welcome to the adventure!
Follow me on Twitter: @dbirdy.
Click here to read Wayfaring Tech Nomad adventures on Creative Loafing Charlotte!

New Ducati Multistrada 1200 s
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