High Tech Public Relations: Still About Making Connections

Effective high tech public relations is still all about making connections. Key targets include customers and potential customers; reporters; influential bloggers; industry and investment analysts; government officials, among others.

Today’s audiences are more mobile than ever before in history. While seemingly constantly on the move they are never out of touch, thanks in large part to smart phones, tablet computers, etc. However, they still read newspapers, magazines and watch television. So when considering undertaking a high tech public relations campaign, you need to consider an firm that knows how to connect you company with these audiences through a combination of traditional PR and Web-based approaches. Whether it’s contacting a journalist via Facebook, harnessing client resources to comment on blogs, or building content for one-off stories, your high tech public relations program should strive for ongoing engagement.

Hi tech companies pride themselves on being on the cutting edge. They offer products and services that are groundbreaking and game changing. With competition in every hi tech sector fierce, all hi tech companies have the need to employ a consistent high tech public relations strategy.

Whether your hi tech pr niche is aerospace, biotech, energy, information technology, instrumentation, nanotechnology, nuclear physics, optoelectronics, robotics, telecommunications or electrical engineering, your high tech public relations team should own that media space.

Proactive high tech public relations should create news, not just get it reported. Hi tech public relations should place news breaking stories covering the launch of a new service offering, improved technology or social media application. High tech public relations efforts should also extend to corporate news, such as staffing announcements, product availability and profitability reports.

Generating consistent and positive exposure is essential for high tech public relations firms. There are many niches in the hi tech sector. Make sure your high tech public relations team targets the right publications that will reach the audience you seek.

Partner with a high tech public relations firm whose high tech public relations strategies include making it a priority to generate exposure for the bright minds on your staff. These high tech public relations tactics can include placing op-ed articles, interviews and guest contributions by experts with for news and trends, including the unique science and benefits of your hi tech service.

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US rivers in the contiguous 48
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Image by Nelson Minar
Maps of rivers, part of a vector tile project at github.com/NelsonMinar/vector-river-map. More information on my blog. See also Mike Bostock’s version at higher resolution with a better projection, the Pacific Institute’s version colored by flow, a global version by National Geographic, and the Hydrologic Map of Canada by Joy Charbonneau.


The main thing I’m drawing is the NHDFlowline shapefile in NHDPlus, a dataset that originates from the USGS.

I’m drawing all of the flowlines. This includes lots of seasonal creekbeds, arroyos, etc. That’s why you see so much blue in dry areas. It also doesn’t include places like the Everglades where specific flowlines haven’t been defined. I may have bugs with a bit of missing data, too.

My apologies to Alaska, Hawaiʻi, and the rest of the world. I’m drawing all the data in NHDPlus but it only includes the contiguous 48.

There’s an artifact in the data that causes blue rectangles and variable density, particularly north of Texas and west of the Mississippi. I believe it’s related to how NHD is digitized off the USGS quads.

Please do look to the GitHub project for technical details!

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