Ad Tech PR: Unleashing the Power

Ad Tech PR is rapidly coming of age as more and more companies are seeing its benefits. We’ve seen the rise of SEO – search engine optimization for the uninitiated – and many companies focused on advertising are just coming to grips with how SEO might fit within their online marketing strategies.

A large part of Ad Tech PR is framing where SEO fits within a digital marketing mix. While there may be appreciation for what SEO could do, there’s plenty of opportunity to clarify search strategy, applications, business value, workflow and essentially where SEO might fit within the Ad Tech PR and marketing mix.

A central part of success with Ad Tech PR revolves around content and how to best position that content so that it gets out in front of the competition on today’s search engines.

First, companies are creating content in many forms, whether it’s editorial or advertising. In fact, one might argue that most companies are moonlighting as media companies given the number of whitepapers, blogs and other forms of content that they are generating.

One of the ways to ensure engagement and value from that content is to make sure it’s findable and that’s where Ad Tech PR fits into the picture. SEO is the primary method consumers use to discover new products and services that they then go and purchase. It only makes sense to be where your customers are looking. If you’re not there, you’re missing some tremendous opportunities to engage your customers and those of your competitors.

SEO, is a major weapon in the Ad Tech PR arsenal. It’s a perfectly reasonable complement to web design, content strategy, social media, public relations, recruiting, customer service and any other function that publishes content online. If you have content – and face it, just about everybody does these days — that should be found online, it should be optimized. For marketers new to search engine optimization, here are the essentials:

*Pages and digital assets are “findable” by search engines that copy the web

*Keywords are incorporated into page copy and links between pages (on and off site)

*Content is promoted via social channels and attracts links from other, topically relevant websites

This is really just the tip of the iceberg for there are a multitude of other devices and strategies that can be generated via a successful Ad Tech PR strategy.

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The Pillars of Faith – Vectorama HDR
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Image by decar66
Baptistery within Saint-Sauveur Cathedral, Aix-en-Provence, France. The baptistery was built at the beginning of the 6th century, at about the same time as similar baptisteries in Fréjus Cathedral and Riez Cathedral in Provence, in Albenga in Liguria, and in Djémila, Algeria. Only the octagonal baptismal pool and the lower part of the walls remain from that period. The other walls and the dome were rebuilt in the Renaissance. A viewing hole in the floor reveals the bases of the porticoes of the Roman forum under the baptistery (source-Wikipedia).


Some tech details about this photograph:

Tripods are not allowed in this sacred place so all exposures were taken handheld hence the not so crisp result.
Camera Canon EOS 550D + Tokina 12-24mm. ISO speed ratings 200
Nine handheld bracketed exposures -2/0/+2
Six additional exposures -4/+4 generated in Canon DPP. Total 15 exposures
CA and noise reduction in Photoshop CS3
HDR + Tonemapping in Photomatix
Adjustments in levels, curves, sharpness and colours in Photoshop CS3.
Farbspiel method (Thanks Klaus).

I hope some other time I am allowed to use my tripod in this fantastic location.

This image and many more from my Photostream are licensed under Creative Commons licence. Author: Salva Barbera. You can use this image on websites, blogs or any other media projects without my permission as long as you credit me as the Author. My images may not be used for any profane or immoral purpose or to incite violence or hatred. Please read the Creative Commons image licence guidelines before downloading.

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