Cool Tech Tools that Make Super Effective Marketing Super Easy!

If you are relying on age-old techniques for marketing, you are falling behind and losing your audience’s attention. Today, business owners have access to a variety of cool tech tools that can turn a so-so marketing campaign into something super effective and super easy. Implementing your marketing strategies successfully is often very different from implementing the strategies quickly. Technology can help you master several different marketing strategies and get the most from them without overwhelming you or your team.

Communicating with Your Audience

Tech Tool #1: aWeber

Where to Find:

What does it do?: Provides a variety of automated marketing software programs including autoresponders, subscriber management,and email newsletter support.

Why it’s so cool: It makes managing your email campaigns easy and efficient.

How much time?: It varies, but it drasticallycuts the length of time needed to send a newsletter or communicate with clients.

Pricing & Investment: You can sample a month’s subscription for aWeber for just $ 1 and then pay an ongoing monthly fee, beginning at $ 19.

Email is one of the most effective marketing tools available. If you are not already creating a newsletter, you need to add it to your marketing to-do list. Creating and distributing a newsletter can be frustrating and time-consuming, but there are ways to streamline the process. Services such as AWeber allow you to send unlimited emails to as many people as you choose. This means your email contact list is put to good use and you stay in regular contact with your audience.

Another important part of communicating with your audience is reaching out to them in their preferred location. Many people access information through means other than a PC. You need to make sure your business is prepared for mobile computing. Creating marketing materials for iPads, mobile phones, and other mobile devices is an essential part of marketing in the modern world.

In addition to the device, you also need to consider where people are gathering their information. In addition to having your own business website and reaching out to people directly through a newsletter, also make sure your business is an active part of the online community. One way to do this is to add marketing content on other blogs and websites. You can also provide information to your audience across the Internet in a variety of formats, such as video and social networking. Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook are alleffective marketing tools you should be using.

It is also important to understand how information is shared on the Internet. As the online world grows, it is has become essential to organize the plethora of information it contains. People use tools such as Google Reader,LinkedIn, and Google Alerts to organize their information and contacts.Understanding and utilizing these tools helps you build an effective marketing strategy.

Sizing Up the Competition

Tech Tool #2: Alexa

Where to Find:

What does it do?: Alexa offers information about sites, including statistics, related links, and more.The information is available on Alexa’s Site Info pages by typing the URL of any site into the Alexa search box and clicking the “Search” button.Alexa also ranks sites by category and offers an Alexa Site Audit for those who want to learn how to improve their website.

Why it’s so cool: It gives you an overview of which of your competitors is enjoying the most attention. You are able to take what they are doing well and incorporate it into your business.

How much time?: As much as you want. You can take a weekly look at competitor’s sites, spending just a few minutes gathering information, or you can invest hours of research into determining why each company is getting attention from potential clients.

Pricing & Investment: Downloading the Alexa Tool Bar and monitoring other site’s Alexa rankings is free. Alexa Site Audits begin around$ 150.

Knowing what your competition is up to helps you perform better. You need to know what they are doing, so you can capitalize on their successes and avoid their mistakes. Two of the best tools for measuring your competition’s performance are Alexa and Quantcast. These help you track the traffic on your own site and on the site’s of competitors. These sites allow you to create outcome-based marketing strategies and determine what is working for you and for the competition.

Know Where You Stand

Tech Tool #3: WebCEO

Where to Find:

What does it do?: This software program determines if your business website is performing well and targets the changes needed for improvement.

Why it’s so cool: It’s automated. Things that would take you days to research and evaluate are handled quickly and efficiently.

How much time?: As much as you choose to put into making the suggested improvements, but saving time is one of the main benefits of the program. Improvements that would have taken days or weeks to make can be accomplished quickly with Google Analytics.

Pricing & Investment: Free

In addition to tracking your own performance through website traffic,you can also determine how the market is responding to your marketing strategies. Google Analytics provides in-depth information about your visitors, so you know where your audience is coming from and what they want to see.Google also offers Webmaster Tools, which gives you a way to trouble shoot search engine ranking problems. You are able to see any errors on your site, as well as back-links you have acquired. If you are using your website as one of your primary marketing tools (and you should be!), you need to be sure it is airtight. These tools can help.

There are a number of tech tools that help you streamline your marketingand create the most effective results. If you want to make things easier, but still see great results, these tools can help.

Business Growth Expert Yoon Cannon has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve dramatic results in sales and marketing. Her mission is to encourage and empower entrepreneurs by working as a business coach, trainer and professional speaker. Contact Yoon at (215) 292-4947.

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