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In this world of ever advancing technology it becomes important that we keep ourselves updated on the latest in technological advances. Without understanding how technology works in our daily lives it becomes difficult to get by. The rate at which technology is growing is extremely high and the whole world is excited by the prospect of discovering a brand new technology which did not exist just a few days back right in the palm of their hands. But finding out about the latest in technology is not that easy. Labs and research departments all around the world have huge resources dedicated to the endeavor of coming up with the latest in technological advances and then work on releasing it to the mass market. People are increasingly turning to tech blogs to find out about these developments and how it might affect them.

Some of us who believe ourselves to be tech savvy understand how difficult it is to find a blog website which talks about almost all the latest in technological advances. It becomes a hassle to run around all over the internet trying to find the right website for their particular interest base. After a while the frustration sets in; in having multiple blogs and websites open in as many tabs and browser windows. This is where a technology blog directory is most evident.
The Best Solution for Finding the Right Information
A technology blog directory as the name suggests is a list of all the technology related blogs in one single location. There are hundreds if not thousands of technology blog directories from all over the world. Each of these blogs is dedicated to some of the latest technological advances. In certain cases, these blogs are specific to a particular topic and in other cases; they list almost all the latest developments in the technological world. These include the latest information, discounts on products, deals on products, newer launches for technology related products and many more. For example if one decides to purchase one of the latest tablets in the market which was launched just a few days back, it might be difficult to ascertain how good the product actually works in the real world and the market. Since there would be thousands of users who would have already tried out the product it is easier to get a feel of how the latest technological products perform in various real world conditions.
The technology blog directory allows us to go through the whole list of tech blogs which are listed so far. This becomes an important task because there is almost no single space where a collection of all the tech blogs is listed. This is where the technology blog directory comes in to play. With the right and proper listing of technology blog directory, searching for the right tech blog is a walk in the park for anyone who is looking for the right information. A technology blog directory is the perfect solution for those who are looking for the latest in technological advancements around the globe.

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Sharon [Stranger 112 / 200] Soho, London
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Image by barbasboth
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I spotted this lovely colourful lady, Sharon, while on my way home today. She only had a few minutes as she was a little bit late already to a friend’s exhibition nearby, but was up for a portrait! I therefore tried a few different poses for her and this one, with a slightly candid feel to it, was my favourite. I love the vibrancy of Sharon’s hair and scarf against the muted alleyway tones – I was lucky that one of the best alleys for photography was seconds from where we started talking 😉

Sharon is a curator and knows a lot about art as such; she also does some photography (no pressure, right?). Thank you, Sharon, for stopping despite the rush!

Tech details: this is the first portrait I have taken with my new Fuji X-T10 camera with the 35mm 1.4 lens – it’s a crop sensor so the look of the images is similar to my usual 50mm portraits on the full frame Canon. But this camera is so lovely and compact – I can finally carry it around every day if I like! I need to get used to it and the slightly different way it works (I forgot where to change the ISO and I didn’t want to fumble and make Sharon wait, so I left it at 2000… oops).

I didn’t have a reflector with me so I have had to lighten Sharon’s eye area a little in Lightroom, as it was a touch dark for my taste.

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