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Lexmark is one company that is renowned worldwide as provider of the best of printers in the world. It was separated from IBM in 1991 and was operated by another firm, but it started operating by its own name in 1995, and has been working under the same ever since. After its launch, Lexmark started working in many other technologies as well and all of them were being received by its consumers with equally warm response.

Lexmark manufactures a variety of products at present, but printers are still the most popular product made by them. Lexmark today is working only on LaserJet printers after it stopped working on Deskjet printers in 2012, and will be halting production of spare parts for Deskjet printers too in a couple of years. Because now they have only one printer to work on, it gives an extra advantage to them to have expertise on the technology being used for LaserJet printers, which also are one of the prime reasons behind the company’s rising popularity.

Lexmark’s printer devices are amazing to use, but any user can also get problems while using it, especially if he/she is from non-technical background. To solve these kinds of problems Lexmark Printer support team provides on call as well as online support facilities for its customers. These facilities are in the form of tech support, in which an expert technician will guide you to solve your problems as soon as you cite your woes to him. These tech support facilities can be either free or paid depending upon what source is being approached by a customer.

If the product is on warranty period Lexmark would provide free Lexmark Printer Help, however outside that a user would have to pay for obtaining any help. After warranty period most of the company charge a good amount for their printer tech support &help, and so customers have the option to take printer tech support help wither from them or by some another private support firm.

Here are some of the major issues faced being reported by Lexmark printer users most often:
* Corrupt printer driver issues
* Power cable issues
* Paper jamming issues
* Quality of paper used by printer and user
* Changes in printer settings

To solve these or many other problems related to printer a user can make use of internet to obtain some additional information. Online blogs are usually really helpful in these kinds of problems. In these blogs experts of the tech support companies write solutions for several kinds of problems. A user can also check for comments by other users who have already faced those problems and also they provide solution of it.

After a user has finalized a couple of firms that offer just the kind of services that are being expected from them, he can also compare their offered support plan packages, to determine the one that will help the user end up with a deal. Certain user reviews can be referred to in this regard as well, as can be pondering upon the kind of need that one has, before choosing the most appropriate company to avail services from.

The author is an expert representative with TechSupportPrinter, an independent Lexmark Printer Repair firm, and also provides Dell Printer Installation as per requirement.

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