The 11 Most Popular Types of Websites – 2014

1) PHPBB, IPB and Bulletin Forum

A phpbb forum is a type of community forum that lets users share “threads” or topics and comment on them. Another term used to described this category of web design is an “Internet Forum.” Internet Forums or message boards can sometimes have a chatroom or bulletin-style layout. These types of websites are very popular for product enthusiasts, product support and community discussion pages.

2) E-Commerce Stores

An e-commerce store or an electronic commerce store, is a type of online store that facilitates transactions between a business and a consumer. These stores are usually preprogrammed using content management system plugins such as WuCommerce or WePay. Most popular stores, such as Amazon, have their own preprogrammed e-commerce system. For most regular folks, WordPress Plugins or free cart software will work fine.

3) Portfolio Websites

In addition to photographers, many different types of artists need a website to illustrate their art. Popular online-portfolio solution such as PortfolioBox have become standard. However, most employers would like to see a custom coded template design.

4) Search Engine Websites

You have heard of Google right..? If you have not, I do not know where you have been for the last decade. The tech giant has become the poster boy of what a search engine should be. Search engines categorize content that is found on the world wide web and index it. Once a website user enters a search query, Google searches through its index and provides the most relevant results! All within a couple seconds!

5) Blogs and Online Diaries

You are reading one right now! Fitted Tech’s blog is what you would call a “How-To” blog. There are many different types of blog’s — In fact too many to count! Blogs such as WordPress or Joomla are software which help the author post content in a systematic way. Once blog posts are made, guests can view and comment on these posts. Blogs are different from typical websites because of their focus on the ‘newsletter’ feel and ability to comment with posts.

6) File Sharing Websites

I am sure you have heard of Mega-Upload and their drama. File sharing sites are online servers which allow users to upload files which are stored and linked so they are easy to share. You’re files are usually publicly accessible but can be password protected. File sharing sites have become very popular since recently it has become popular to charge customers a monthly subscription fee for uploads.

7) Business Websites or Brochure Websites

Whether it is a small business or fortune 500, nearly every company has a website! Having a website is an important part in marketing now-a-days. Business websites typically have a 5-7 page layout and are solely informational. Many business websites, depending on the nature of their product or service, have user account systems for clients to track their product purchase or order.

8) Social Networking Sites

Facebook, Delicious, Twitter, Instagram, 4square and the previously known now extinct MySpace are all great examples of Social Networking Sites. If you want to get real old school, we’ll start pulling out xanga websites from your high school years! (Please no.) Social networking sites tend to have explosive results with traffic.

9) Web Mail Sites

Are you a G-Mail person or a person? Personally, Google has won my heart over too many times to count. Web-Mail sites are dynamic web pages which host user account systems that are connected to their mail servers. To be brief, Web Mail sites are really just an email client that has been implemeneted as a website application.

10) Dating Websites

I am not here to give you online dating advice or pickup lines. Ok maybe one, “We should take over Verizon because I don’t think they’ve ever had this kind of online connection!” (HA-HA!) Dating websites are simple dynamic web pages with user account systems that index user profiles. Dating websites are actually pretty similar to search engines (framework-wise) and provide results for your searches which are dependent on variables such as age, hair-color and preferences.

11) Media – Sharing Websites

Let me You-Tube that song! There we are. Recently, my favorite video sharing site Vimeo, has taken off and gained popularity! Media-sharing sites are dynamic web pages which utilize user account systems and they index user-posts of videos or images. Another great Image sharing website is Imgur! I am guilty of being a member of Reddit.

Conner A

Wormsloe, the Endless Forest of Savannah – 16,000 pixels wide!
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Image by Stuck in Customs
My Biggest Photo Ever and Flickr can’t handle it
The TIFF of the photo below is 984 megs, and the JPG is 124 megs! It’s about 16,000 pixels across and very fun to zoom in on as you go down the lane. I dropped it to 12,000 pixels so I could upload, but, I feel a little short-changed!

You can see the Original Size below…

I wish Flickr would offer a premium subscription where I could post huge photos. I’d gladly pay 0 a year for a premium subscription that gets me all sorts of extra features, like big photos, high quality videos like my Vimeo sub, tier 1 tech support, and all sorts of other goodies.

Another Forest Photo, Hanging at HQ of Flickr Competitor

The fine people at Smugmug (see my port there at have chosen my Bamboo Forest photo to hang inside their headquarters in California. They are actually building a 60" lightbox behind it. I’ll see it in person in a few weeks when I go visit the crew there. I’m looking forward to it!

Daily Photo – Wormsloe, the Endless Forest of Savannah
My friend Scott Kublin (who made it to my Favorites page on my iPhone… he was at the bottom, but I just moved him up above the babysitter) lives in Savannah, so it was good to visit him on my little road trip. He commented that regular visitors to Stuck In Customs would probably like to see current shots while I am traveling around! So, here it is! However, this one took about 3-4 hours to edit, five cups of coffee, and several pieces of pie. Did you see my little "Buy Trey Chocolate For Energy" there in the right column? Yes, I burn through copious calories to create these things. This one almost broke my back, but I am very happy with it.

Some of you may remember this place from Forest Gump… A lot of it was shot down in Savannah. Besides Wormsloe, I also visited some amazingly moody cemeteries, draped in mossy trees. I’ll get to editing those photos another time… maybe when I get back home to Texas!

from Trey Ratcliff at

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